Welcome to Alaskan Modoc Adventures

Modoc 01Distinguish yourself from the crowd, and capture your dream as only an elite few can on board Alaska’s Modoc Lodge—the only world-class floating hotel that caters to your smallest whim and wildest expectations. Reserved for the discerning angler who expects more, demands more, and deserves more than the ordinary. Our ability to follow the fish gives us an edge that no other lodge in Alaska can compete with.

The waters of Southeast Alaska teem with massive Salmon—Kings, Silvers, Pinks, Chums, and Sockeye. Each summer, millions of adult salmon enter these protected waters to feed before returning to their native streams. At the peak of adulthood, these trophy-sized sea dwellers have little to do but search for prey and feed their insatiable appetites. They also share the fertile waters with enormous Halibut, Lingcod, Yellow Eye, and dozens of Rockfish species—equally ravenous and equally impressive.
Considered the ultimate fishing mecca, serious anglers journey to this distant and isolated region each year to chase a lifelong dream of hooking into a trophy catch.

MODOC_02Step aboard this high seas hotel and experience the untamed Alaskan wilderness from the comfortable accomodations of  the Modoc, your home base after an exhilarating day of fishing.

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